I finally tried trimix for the first time in my home. The do

I finally tried trimix for the first time in my home. The doctor only prescribed 5ml to be cautious. When, I was in his office and we were trying it out, I had an erection that wouldn’t go down. Luckily, I was in his office and he was able to bring it down. I want go to deep into the details.
Anyway, my erection today was not very good; however, I am certain that going up on the medicine will provide the desired results.
Good news, the injection did not hurt.
I do have a question, however, I have to mix the compound myself and the needle they sent would not fit the syringe (not the one for injection but the one for mixing). Did they just send the wrong equipment or am I missing something?

I never had to mix it myself. My 40/30/1 10ml script comes in 5 2ml vials ready to draw up. I buy "BD" brand 31 guage 5/16" 30 unit syringes that has marks for each unit on it. DO NOT increase the dosage unless you are positive you injected it into the cavernosa. Trimix doesn't work unless it's injected correctly into the cavernosa. Increasing dosage could end up sending you to the ER with an erection that won't go away within 4 hours. NOT JOKING AND THIS IS SERIOUS it happens way more than it should. Trimix is great stuff but is very potent and does require some schooling to use it right. I encourage you to go to urotalk.com/forums ED injection area where you can read older posts and ask questions. Lots of good information there about Trimix. My doctor told me that I could take up to 120mg of old school regular Sudafed(not the 12 or 24 hour stuff) as an antidote to help the erection go away. Don't wait till it has been 3 or 4 hours before you start trying to make it go away. Until you are comfortable with the dosage and the process I would take the Sudafed after 2 hours. I think you're pretty safe when your junk is pretty bendable?

I am definitely going to listen to your advice. I called the doctor's nurse today, and she said that I should go up by 2 ml in a few days. But, I am not 100% sure that it was injected into the cavernosa. I am going to try it one more time on the original dose before going up. Thanks for the support.

DO NOT go up 2ml. 100 units equals 1ml. 2ml will give you an erection for a week and cause permanent damage. I think they meant to say 2 units or 2 clicks??? I use 5/16" long 31 gauge 30 unit syringes injecting it at 3 or 9 O'clock on the shaft or the far right side or far left side of the shaft of my penis trying to miss any veins and alternating sides with each injection. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being no pain at all the injections are usually an easy 2 with many times it being a 1 and the erections more then make up for the little pinch you feel if anything. The needle easily and painlessly penetrates the skin and then it hits the cavernosa tube which is much tougher and takes a bit more effort then what was used to penetrate the skin, once the needle penetrates the cavernosa then I bury the 5/16" need all the way in and push in the plunger. There should not be any resistance pushing the plunger in. Pull the needle out and apply pressure to the injection site for a minute and then massage the Trimix through the penis by pinching the shaft of the flacid penis and stroking it and trying to disperse the Trimix around. 5 to 10 minutes and you should have an erection stiff enough to hang a towel on. If Viagra isn't working anymore or you're just looking for something better ask your doctor about Trimix. There is also some links to some pretty good videos at https://urotalk.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=16&sid=24f7497659f0f90c77c0c69ca45e034b on how to inject. Me personally, my dosages are between 6 and 10 units depending on how long I anticipate our sex is going to last. 6 units for a quicky probably lasting half hour or up to 10 units for a 2 hour marathon. My Trimix is not the weakest strength either at 40/30/1 blend. I feel like 1/2" long syringes are too long unless you are very well endowed.

Yes, I meant 2 units, not ml. The first time I tried trimix, I injected 5 units, but I am going to try that one more time before going up at all.
Thanks for all the injection advice. I am confident that once the dosage is right, I will see a big improvement.