I find most of the people on here are not very helpful to pe

I find most of the people on here are not very helpful to people who are having panic attacks now!
Telling someone that you suffered for 20 years but are great now does not really help someone who
is suffering now. AS Someone who is afraid to travel because I'm afraid of having these attacks I was HOPING this site, would be helpful so far not so far sadly:)

OK, the classic answer to how to cope with a panic attack more or less goes like this:

Find somewhere as private and quiet as possible. In the worst case that could be a washroom cubicle. Take long, slow breaths and pay close attention to each one. "Slow" is Very Important: if you breathe too quickly and deeply you will be hyperventilating which will make matters *worse*! Try to persuade yourself (gently) that any obnoxious symptoms (perspiration, nausea, rapid pulse, dizzyness etc.) are not themselves harmful. As far as I know, no one has ever died from a panic attack.

In the longer term, consider medication and meditation as controls, and the possibility of lifestyle changes which may help to avoid the triggers. You may also find this video helpful:


Best of luck!

They're probably just trying to tell you that things will get better. We're here supporting you, so if you want to talk, tell us.

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