I found out 2 days ago yhat i have genital hepes o hot it fr

I found out 2 days ago yhat i have genital hepes o hot it from my mow ex who got it from a prostitute he was sleeping with. Im 26 a songle mom and we were broken ip for a month nefore i found out. It feels like dating will be useless. As soon as i tell a guy that they will turn and run. I know how society see this. Just how i did before it was me. i feel like i will be alone beacuse no one wants this much baggage i alreasy jave 4 yr old daughter i feell like damged goods. I was always yhe good hirl always on a long term committed relationships. ..is it as bad as i imagine..?


it's as bad as YOU make it. there is no need to divulge too early.

Love when you're ready and NOT when you're lonely...

once ready, remember; it's all in the timing... never divulge to early and abstain from sex first to see what your date's true intentions are first.

if "No Sex" is a deal breaker, your date just divulged his true intentions...

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☺ thank you. This is all new to me i never thought i would have to do this. Now im making sure all my friends get tested because o never had an outbreak now im paranoid and nervous if i do...

It's not as bad at all ! And having a child is not a big deal to be honest. Just take some time to learn about HSV, educate yourself, and then move on to other things like dating and what not :) I had a 5 yr old when I found out I had herpes and became a single dad. 8 yrs later, I am still a single dad :) just kidding... I am single after a couple of relationships... So it does get better :) Good luck !

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@Pblmt thank you. I hope soo i suck at dating as is and this just adds more stress…lpl

trust me, same here .. but I made it ok thus far ;)

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