I found out 2 years ago today. When I confronted my wife, s

I found out 2 years ago today. When I confronted my wife, she took a hand full of sleeping pills and ended up in a psychiatric hospital Christmas week. The kids could see her or talk to her for only 20 minutes a day and 30 minutes on Christmas. That was so selfish. I saw such pain in my kids eyes and had to comfort them through every tear. The memory does't fade.

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How tragic. I am so very sorry. Your words bring such sadness. I could not imagine how painful and confusing that must have been for your kids. How are all of you doing now? Are you and your wife still together?

@Piwo33 We are still together but only until we can find the right time to split. The kids are doing pretty good. They keep saying that this year has to be better so I am glad they are resilient.

I am so sorry for your hard time. This time of year must be brutal for you. How are you and your wife doing now? Is it usually better for you emotionally when its not around the holidays?

@DestroyedAlone This year has been the hardest year of my life. Even during non-holiday times I struggle. I think we have just grown apart and the time is near when we split.

I'll never forget the date, either, it's burned into my memory forever. And Christmas used to be such a happy time of year for us. Although I know it's still happy for him, it's misery for me. Very sorry you're going through this heartbreaking anniversary.

@AndiAqua I know you are struggling. I wish we could just have a moment of peace. Hang in there. I know we will all eventually get through this.

Wow. This almost happened to me. My wife was in a psychiatric hospital for two weeks. Just out Monday. Kids could not see her. Now she is in partial hospitalization. But home each night. Not really herself and hard on the kids as well. Hoping it at least gets better.

@mjk6479 It’s so very tough. I will be praying for you and the kids. Please reach out to me anytime. I know what you are going through.

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