I found out I have herpes in April from a boy who I thought I found out I have herpes in April from a boy who I thought

I found out I have herpes in April from a boy who I thought loved me and instead slept around. He dumped me in July. I'm now in a loving relationship with a great man but I'm incredibly stressed out and scared because I just confessed I have herpes. I never really talk about my condition besides a few jokes with my friends when I first found out but now I feel scared, alone, and stressed the **** out.

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What is stressing you the most?

That I'm going to be judged for this for the rest of my life and I don't have the skills to cope with this because overtime I even think about it I start crying.

if you don't have a scoping skills then what you need to do is learn some. weather we have herpes on not in relationships we'll get rejected and it doesn't necessarily change who you are and neither does having herpes. I think that you have to remember that herpes is not the end of the world and it is such a common thing these days that there are a lot more people accepting of it. I think if you're crying about it at the moment then you need more time to accept herpes in your life but remember there a lot of people out there who are in a relationship so there is Hope for all of us . remember all the good things about yourself and all the things positive that you can offer someone and herpes is just a minor and manageable Part of your life

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Thank you very much for helping me to stay positive about this.

you are welcome I think sometimes you just have to put it all into perspective and look I don't find the thought of having to tell someone easy and I'm not in that situation just yet but I most probably will be again at some stage but the way I see it it is what it is and you just going to get on with your life

It's not easy, and I wish you lucky when you get to that stage but this is just something I have to get more comfortable talking about.

I think that the thing that we need to try and realise is that what we think that other people think is not actually true. every single person that I have told think it is no big deal even my female friends. and anyone who makes jokes for judge's you is basically illinformed and that's where we need to have the courage to step up and pick them up on it and explain to them what it actually is a means for somebody

When I told my friends they didn't think it was a big deal, they were upset that my trust was abused but they weren't disgusted by me which was helpful. You're completely right.