I found out my fiance of 3 years have been cheating on me wi

i found out my fiance of 3 years have been cheating on me with escorts for the past 2 years. i love him, want to try to work it out but it's been difficult. it still sickens me that he would have unprotected sex with prostitutes and come home and touch me. i am glad after both being tested the results came out negative. i never thought in my wildest dreams that he would do that to me.

i have my moments where i feel like i can overcome and work it out with him (im probably in denial, i dont know) and then i have my moments when im wondering maybe im not good enough that he had to seek out other women or what if he continues to do it again?

I am a cheating husband (1 girl but for nearly a year) and I love my wife dearly. I don't want her to leave and she's the best thing ever. There are so many more issues than that. I'm trying to get through this, too. Together

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If you love your wife dearly. . truly want to save your marriage… you can.

I think the very first steps are finding a couples therapist…
and empowering yourself with knowledge to navigate what is ahead.

Resources are everywhere.

Go online to therapistfinder to see therapists in your area… read their bio’s. . .
get a free consulatation by phone .

Get the books Wired For Love and After The Affair

Lookup articles online at marriagebuilders.com about affair after care

The fallout after affairs can make both the betrayed and betrayer feel hopelessly lost.
One thing I wish dearly was that people , therapists, articles … would share that the process is long, slow, difficult… but also well worth it for many couples as they rebuild their marriage into something entirely new.

I’m sure there are ’ many issues’ as you stated.
I would just encourage you to be honest, open, courageous
dedicate yourself to your wifes healing
In doing so you will also be healing yourself.

He's a fiancée? You can walk away. Escorts? I don't see him changing. It's not even emotional. Sounds like he's one of those guys who will always want the excitement. I'm so sorry you are going g through this.

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