I found out my girlfriend hasnt been honest to me for months

I found out my girlfriend hasnt been honest to me for months about snooping on me. Caught her and confronted her 6 months ago and she promised to stop by I had a hunch over the last few months she was still checking my social media and phone. Every time I would ask her about it she would get mad and say she can't believe i would even say that. Yesterday I seen her on my social media and asked her why and how are you doing this? She refused to answer or talk about it which makes me think she doesn't care to fix this .its been a couple days and nothing. The thing that makes me upset is she kept a lie for months . I already had trust issues before this ... How do I forgive and trust her again ?

Some people suffer from paranoia, hell my wife was so paranoid, she started looking for camera's in the house thinking i planted them somewhere to spy on her. By giving her free access to your social media you can prevent this trust issue. Simply don't care if she reads your e-mail or facebook or whatever, you have nothing to hide right? Then you don't have to care whether she visits your e-mail or page or whatever. She is just curious to see if you are dating another woman, while you are not, some people become insecure like that, because they cannot control their partner, and then try to gain control themselves.

What you should do, is just reassure her. Nothing is going on honey, and if you don't believe it, just have a look yourself. That will calm her down.

Thanks for your comment I will do that , but it still hurts because she lied to my face for months about this.... Not sure when she's telling the truth anymore