I gave in last night. Had a fling. Woke up today and had 3 d

I gave in last night. Had a fling. Woke up today and had 3 different women sexting me. I was able to fend them off. Today is day 1...again.

doesn't matter what day it is as long as every day you are trying. One day you will be where you want to be but don't give up.

I hope so. Sometimes I get so exhausted... my soul gets so tired. I just want to be alone, maybe in a cabin in the wilderness so they can't get to me and I can't see them. I see why famous people seek out anonymity!

haha, you are wanting to be alone and for the past 2 months I have been avoiding feeling alone and begging my ex to come back. I think we all exhaust our souls one way or another. We all want what we can't have and we try so hard to have it and the harder we try and fail, the more miserable we are. You will be okay :) keep hoping! stay strong <3

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I was an only child. I can only take people in small doses. Being alone isn't a problem, it's staying alone when 23 year old nursing students are showing you their perfect bodies and begging you to meet them and make them feel special one..more...time. That's my problem...saying no.

Well, you have to start to say no. Avoid those girls. Block their numbers. Set up your phone where it only allows contacts to go through. Start saying no about small things.. it is practice.. keep fighting. It will get easier.

Numbers are blocked, instagram, FB. Twitter, all that...they catch me at a store and fire up a new number with new nudes. I'm just a man...flesh and blood. They know they have the advantage and they use it. I made a receptionist made as hell last night with a no. She was Playboy material...but I won that battle!!

well, that is a start :)

Now I have a personal trainer that's one of the finest representations of the human female I've ever laid eyes on after me. She drinks me up like a shot of whiskey. It's Friday night and I'm staying put. But man alive she's hot!

Maybe you need a new trainer then ;) someone who's not so hot

She's not my personal trainer. She's A personal trainer. She looks like a Boris Valejo painting of a Spartan warrior. She's a dirty girl with no boundaries. Most men would be happy to have her just speak to them. She is another brick in the wall to me.