I get so annoyed by my "family". I took a trip far awayand f

I get so annoyed by my "family". I took a trip far awayand for some reason my family thinks that is the green light to parade around ib my clothes back home without my permission like its a fcking retail store. They always treat me like im just a chronic worrier, im a crazy hypochondriac, i always blow things out of proportion right but I can see when im not respected. Its the same d*** patterns with my sh**** family. I never gave anyone any permission to wear any of my belongings but because "our mother told me i could" that makes it okay. Im a 21 yr old adult woman. My mother does not have jurisdiction over MY PROPERTY that belongs to me. Im so fcking sick of disrespectful family members who over step boundaries, over step their authority and think they can do whatever they want. They gaslight, lie and manipulate then make me out to be the crazy bad guy who just blows everything out of proportion. How about if you werent around or out for a few days and your family thought your closet was free real estate and decided to prance around in YOUR belongings without ever asking. How the hell would you feel. It is despicable and makes me HATE my family alot.

Hey, I have a family exactly like that totally disrespectful but I dumped them several years ago. I'm much older than you and it never changed they are still doing that crap to each other. So if thats the kind behavior they have all the time then you know for sure now that you have to do whatever you can to protect your property. If you still live with your parents they might not give you permission to have a lock put on your door so the next best thing is to put all of your good clothes in a locked suitcases or locked trunk. That will fix them they can't get to your belongings that way.

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That is what I plan to do. I’m going to kick them to the cubr as soon as i get on my feet. People always talk about broken families without realizing its the dam familys fault that its broken. Nobody wants to be around abuse and disrespect. Im a grown woman getting treated like a child and im so sick of it. I dont act like a child. Nothing about me. I may be playful with a sceew loose but im not a child EVER. Done with this family 100%