I get super paranoid that my boyfriend is cheating on me. I

i get super paranoid that my boyfriend is cheating on me. I know he isn't because he is literally the best partner ever, but i get deep seated anxiety when I am with him and away that he will find someone else. I have also thought that he was having sex at our house with someone else, private messaging people through facebook, and other stuff. Suggestions for getting help????

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Did you have any proof of these things, even circumstantial? Some people say they have a gut suspicion when their significant other is cheating and it's usually right. Other times we may have passing fears and brush them aside knowing it's just our own insecurity. If you know the problem is you, then you would want to seek help to sort out why you have these needless fears or think you're not enough. If on the other hand it's only this relationship you've even thought this in, then you know the problem is the relationship (whether it's him or not.) For example for me, I never had solid proof of my husband cheating but mountains of circumstantial and the feeling started to be constant. I've never suffered that in any other relationship or with my ex husband so I knew the problem isn't me but is the relationship, because even if I don't have solid evidence this relationship is super unhealthy for me. I hope you can sort it out soon, for both your sakes.

I wish I could tell you where to look for help. Does your health insurance cover counseling or therapy? For a long time I thought mine didn’t. But just before I lost our insurance due to a job change I found out our insurance did cover therapy.