I give up. idk what to do anymore, all i kno is that i want

i give up. idk what to do anymore, all i kno is that i want to die but im too scared to commit suicide. i got a text earlier from my mom saying "pack your things. we're going out of town. we'll go wherever you want" but now i realized that she was planning on taking me and my siblings and run away from my dad. they wont tell me whats going on. all i kno is that my mom is moving out and is possibly going to get a divorce. this doesnt help with my depression at all. ive dealt with depression for about 4 years starting on 5th grade. im torn and idk what to do but just self harm and cry. im lost, help?

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I'm sorry. My mom and stepdad might be getting divorced as well. They were married for 23 years so he was like a dad to me. I'm probably a lot older than you and I know how much it hurts and being so young, I can't even imagine how you feel. I hope everything works out!

I get these thoughts often the one thing that helps me get passed it is knowing that things will eventually get better and they always seem to. .

my heart goes out to you but stay strong as you move through the bad weather. Your mum sounds nice..that's a big plus..she cares for you. Try not to worry..it won't help. Once you know what's going on you might feel a bit better..it's the uncertainty. Let us know what happens next. We are here for you.

id like to thank you all. you dont kno how much your nice commemts mean to me :) unfortunately, my mom is leaving but i convinced her to stay for christmas. ive decided to stay with my dad tho becuz i feel like he doesnt constantly belittle me as much as my mom does. again, thank you

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(1-800-668-6868) is kids helpline in Canada. It wouldn't hurt to give them a call.

well done...have a lovely Christmas!:)