I give up

dating sucks. not dating sucks. what doesnt suck?

well i suppose that is clear and concise :)

what is it that "sucks" exactly?

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes


True. I agree. Though if I had to pick the one that sucks less, it would dating. At least there is some hope.

Where are you meeting these girls?


"What doesn't suck?"
Hmm...leaf blowers - they blow.
What else?
A beautiful sunset doesn't suck.....a really good cup of coffee....your favorite jeans don't suck....butterflies definately don't suck.....an afternoon nap never sucks....unless you fall asleep at your desk at work and get fired...that would definately suck!

How long have you been sucky dating/not sucky dating?

thanks, this was funny and uplifting.

Bill i feel you. But for me, as much as dating sucks i keep trying cause i have to believe that there is going to be that one time when it is the opposite of sucking.

It’s tough, but stay strong and have fun with it, at least you get to meet new people and hopefully have some interesting stories to share that you can laugh at.

and Beautiful Dizzaster, thanks for the funny post, its nice to laugh.

They do say laughter is the best medicine!

Bill, if it makes you feel any better I seriously thought about writing a book of short stories called "The Asshole Dairies - Stories of Dating Disasters".

And another ray of hope - just when I swore I was done dating and vowed to be alone for the rest of my life...someone found me.

Hang in there!

Hi Bill, thanks for being here and sharing. There's a Singles Group here if you ever want to participate there, it's gotten me through some tougher moments of being single and dating.

I understand that dating can be super frustrating, but hang in there. I've seen so many of my single friends go to hell and back with dating and end up in happy healthy relationships. It's all about putting yourself out there in environments where you can meet the right type of person. Sometimes we have to go through some tougher scenarios to really appreciate when a good person comes into our lives.

Thanks Beautiful Dizzaster you cheered me up too. Love your comments, esp. the book "The Asshole Diaries".

I put myself out there to meet people but I only seem to meet married men. I don't get it. What's wrong with me? Am I suppose to settle for someone who I don't find appealing to me. By appealing I mean at least someone who doesn't scare the hell out of me to look at, someone who can hold a basic conversation, you know a normal person.

Signed Loser in NY

I totally and completely understand how you're feeling Sunrise. I fell head over heels for a guy who told me that he was separated and on his way to divorce, just finalizing final details before filing. Well, turned out he was married and nowhere near separation let alone divorce. I've tried to convince myself to like guys who have pursued me since then and it's pointless. I'll go out on a date and realize that I can't force myself to like someone. I felt it before and I know that it will happen again.

I most certainly know that it will happen for you....DO NOT settle....no way, no how....you deserve the best and the utmost in love. I wish that I could tell you exactly when it will happen, but I know that it will for you just as much as I know that it will happen for me. I have to continue to believe.

I will tell you what - I love my boyfriend to death. Our relationship is not perfect, but I don't know anyone's that is.

What is it that you are looking for and where are you meeting these "potentials"?

Online dating may not be a bad choice....just stay away from the guys on craig's list....FAR AWAY!!!

eharmony is supposed to be really good - they weed out the marrieds and the creepys.

I didn't really have the money for it so I went on www.plentyoffish.com for a spell.

But, when I was not looking...that's when I met my love. :D

One of my close girlfriends met her fiance through eHarmony. I guess it's just like everyday life, sometimes you have to weed through the bad to get to the good. And, I don't even want to say that those guys are bad per se, just not the right match. It's all about going through these experiences to get to the right one and once you do meet the right one, you will embrace and love him/her for all that they are. I believe that I will appreciate my One so much more after all of these crazy little experiences.

Hmmmmm .... dating does suck.

Though, you must try to think positively. It could always be worse.

Imagine not getting any dates and still trying over many years. Yes, there are people out there who try and try and try. However, they can't get a date. They are determined not to quit. Why?? They know if they don't try that they will never find the one person who makes them happy or happier.

It's a lot like playing the lottery. You have to play to win.

Just remember: Someone is always worse off then you are.