I got caught up in a little bit of drama and did not allow m

I got caught up in a little bit of drama and did not allow myself to go to sleep until I resolved it. So I have not slept for a long time and feel pretty crappy. And when I do not sleep ,I end up craving food more. So I’m full and tired. LOL… Just ready for sleep. I am also ready to get serious about weight loss again because I’m not going to stay here anymore. I’m ready to go down. And I’m going to go down. Who’s with me! Let’s go down.
Let’s start thinking about this for real. Let’s get serious. We can make some progress and maintain that going forward. Less is more.

Think about a strategy that will work for you. What worked for me was fasting. My idea of fasting was cutting my calories way down for a few days because I stopped eating solid food and only had liquid meals. And these liquid meals were small. Just like they do when they get weight loss surgery. Same concept. I would push out the time between meals as long as I could and then drink something instead of eating something. And then eventually have a little something. But if you do this for three days, you’re cutting your calories in half at least , usually more, which is all you have to do to lose weight. This is called being in a calorie deficit. For me, it is too easy to eat my normal amount of calories to maintain weight when it’s solid. But if I drink it only with No fiber in there, because the fiber will stimulate my hunger, I will go down. But the thing is, I didn’t realize I was actually burning fat off of my belly until after it was gone. And that takes time. So this is a process that Has to continue on for at least 30 days before you’ll notice anything at all. Once the fat is burned off, you can maintain that weight loss more easily because all you have to do is stay within your calorie range. And you can continue to be in the deficit anytime you do this. So what I was doing before that worked was every month I would do this for at least three days. And maybe one month I would do it for seven days.

So this is a strategy I think will work for me going forward. I basically needed time mentally to deal with other things but I need to put this at the top of my list. I’m going to make this my number one priority now.

How far are you trying to go down? @LollyNews

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@DearPeace one step at a time.
Just need to get into a calorie deficit.
I could burn 30 pds and be very healthy.

How about you? Updates!