I got penial implant surgery two years age; the AMS 700 and

I got penial implant surgery two years age; the AMS 700 and am very happy with the results. My only question for other men out there that have the the AMS 700 is that I notice that the connecting tube that runs from the fluid reservoir into the pump in the scrotum has become 'lumpy' looking just under the pubic skin. I thought it was to be buried deep in the surrounding tissue but it is noticeable when I have an erection. I can push it in so it isn't too bad, but I wish it was completely undected. The Doc was unconcerned and said this is considered in the normal range. I'm just looking for feedback from other men is this is something they noticed as well. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

If the surgeoun isn't concerned I suppose you could visist with another doctor, but if it purely cosmetic and everything is functioning as it should and it isn't painful, I wonder if further surgery is worth fixing something so it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Check out FrankTalk.org for a forum that has a lot of fellows that have implants like yours or the Titan implant. I'm not trying to poach people from this forum but highly doubt you're going to get the answers you're looking for here.