I gotta get out of my head

I just had to write that out. I want to make myself stop over thinking and over analyzing EVERYTHING. So I thought if I wrote it where other people would see it, then I would be inclined to actually do it. Being inside my head is ruining my life and I've got to stop.

Writing it out can be helpful. You are not alone. I have times where I have to get out of my head also. One way I do this is to reach out to others and help them. Helping others helps to get me out of my head. Reading helps me also. Doing things like cleaning around the house helps. Maybe set a goal for a project you wish to do and work on that. Going out to breakfast/lunch/dinner with others helps. Talking with others helps. Keep hanging in there and taking it one day at a time. Keep sharing with us. ((((hugs))))

Good on ya get the stuff of ya chest and you will feel a lot lighter.

this is your world to vent shout or even cry.

no idea u have is too silly to share with others it can be helpful to know others are going thru the same thing.

today we are dealing with my grandsons hopes of england making it to the world cup dashed.
for a 12 year old it wasnt silly to think wed take the cup, his heros were in the team, weve sat on the terrace all weather and watched his idol (who now has feet of clay) his tears were genuine his shame in failure real to him as if he was the one on the pitch, yet as he grows he will be able to look back to today and see noone mocked him, we grieved for the little boy dreams he had, we spoke about the difficult task of expecting our happiness to rest with others, the almost pathetic attempt to have glory without earning it in fact it was a whole learning experience from 22 men chasing a piece of leather around a stretch of grass.

strange how we learn so dont worry about if it sounds silly because it wont b

lost dreams and churning thoughts do more harm kept in than shared

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Thanks guys.