I guess I’m in codependent relationship, it’s been a to

I guess I’m in codependent relationship, it’s been a toxic 7 years, some good times. Currently living together still, have a 6 Year old and I’m pregnant. He told me recently that he doesn’t wanna be together . I have a lot of resentment and anger towards him that I explode and I look like the crazy person. But he’s a **** husband and father. I’m so lonely and heartbroken. I think I’m in mourning for the person he never could be for me or our daughter. He’s not a bad guy, just in a relationship, we’ve treated each other so horrible it damaged us both beyond repair. I didn’t want a broken family like me and him both had hit I know I deserve way more than then he can give me or our children. I feel all alone. I crave love and affection especially right now that I’m pregnant I need the support from him. I hate him.

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That's a lot of weight to carry on your own. It is good that you are coming for support. You'll get through this too. I hope he'll consider counseling or couples therapy for your sake. Even if it's for the kids it would be better than him giving up.

I’m sorry, do you feel like he’s emotionally abusive maybe?