I had a cold this past week and spent the better part of the

I had a cold this past week and spent the better part of the week in bed. Now I'm having anxiety issues with staying out of bed. I want to sit at my desktop computer and catch up on the Tumblr I missed when I was sick, but my anxiety is trying to make me feel like I'll drown if I stay out of bed and my bed is the only life boat. I'm trying to talk back to it but I need some help.

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...I still think moving furniture around if you can ...why docyiu think it is the comp that makes you feel that way? What if you just went on the computer no matter how anxious you feel? It will settle down!

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@TennisPlayer That last thing is what I’m doing. I don’t think the computer is what makes me feel that way. I think it’s being near the bed, but not in it.

Don't know if this'll help, I'll offer it anyway. Are you in bed right now, or out of it?

@L2015 Out. With rising anxiety.

You need to turn your attention to something else thats soothing. Maybe showering, push yourself to walk around a couple blocks, run to the grocery store, meet up with someone your comfortable with over dinner/coffee

@slake92@yahoo.com Yeah, all those are the opposite of soothing for an agoraphobic (except the shower, which I took already)

Out of bed with rising anxiety. Can you describe anxiety from a body perspective. Like, is it a shaking? Is it hyperventilation? etc.

@L2015 A rising sense of fear and nausea.

Can you find where in your body you are feelling the fear? Like, is it coldness in your chest? Sweating on the palm of your hands? etc.

@L2015 My chest and stomach

Great! You were able to spot it in your body. Can you describe what exactly is going on in your chest? Hot? Cold? Tightness? Shaking? etc. And what's going on in your stomach? Clenching? Bubbles? Agitation? etc.

Chest: tightness and tingling, stomach: churning

Well done! Chest has tightness and tingling. Stomach has churning. Regarding chest, can you sense where in your chest you have the tightness? Upper chest? Lower chest? On the surface? Deep inside in the inner muscles?

@L2015 Around my heart. But what do I do about it?

Here's the next step. Since you have tightness and tingling in your chest around your heart, find words that are the opposite of tightness and tingling. Opposite of TIghtness// Looseness? Relaxedness? softness? etc. Opposite of tingling// calm? soothed? etc.

@L2015 Okay

Choose the words that describe it best. Relaxed? Calm? Now find a part of your body that is relaxed and calm. Or slightly more relaxed and calm than your chest. It could be anything, even your little toe. Can you find it?

@L2015 I’m actually fixing it with stand-up comedy

Yeah, I don't think this is going to work. It's called Somatic Experiencing, and it was developed for healing from trauma. It's really supposed to be done in person, or at least by phone. What we did just did in 2 hours would have been done in 5 minutes in person. I've gotten benefit from it. But let's face it, emails are not the right medium for it.