I had a really bad caffeine addiction for 20 years and had t

I had a really bad caffeine addiction for 20 years and had to deal with months of withdrawals after I quit cold turkey back in 2011. I use to drink like two to four 44 oz. of brewed unsweetened iced teas, and 5-9 cans of diet pepsi or coke daily. Since then I have had about two relapses and one of them was this year for about 6 months of drinking two 44 oz. of brewed iced tea. It's been about two and a half months since I quit caffeine again. Every time I do have a relapse I have one withdrawal symptom that I have all the time that will last for several months are digestive issues like a mild burning stomach and chest and sometimes constipation. I've been to a gastro doctor and I've tried acid reflux meds but all of them made my symptoms worse. I don't normally have any problems while I am on caffeine. Have any of you had these type stomach problems after quitting caffeine? How long did it take for you to recover? I would like to hear from others that can relate.

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No but I have other really weird problems with caffeine. I will tell you about them in an hour! So glad you responded.

@Caffeineaddict I’d like to hear what you’ve been through. If you’d like to talk let me know.

I was a pretty hardcore user---i got to where I'd getvsick if I didn't drink a cup of coffee every hour. EVERY HOUR. I got a constant headache, then I'd start to kick. I would have to throw up and my head would feel like it was burning. I'd shake and throw up so I had to literally slam a cup of strong coffee. I'd be at work so I couldn't just start kicking at work. (Kicking is what addicts use to describe bad withdrawal). Anyway, I found out later that caffeine is a natural pain reliever so whatever pain you're having, if you take away your regular caffeine, the pain comes back triple fold.

@Caffeineaddict I was addicted to caffeine for 20 years and when I quit in 2010 I got really sick with withdrawals. It took me about six months to recover. Then I had a few relapses and had to deal with months of withdrawals all over again. I had headaches, constipation, acid reflux/heartburns, panic attacks, neuropathy, insomnia, high blood pressure, night sweats, muscle twitching, anxiety, etc. But the main withdrawal symptom that I get hit with most with is acid reflux and heartburns which will last for several months.

Worse than the physical withdrawal is the mental torture. It provides dopamine and other antidepressant benefits so the same goes for emotional and mental pain as it does for physical pain---it comes back triple fold. Also, I've found that out causes somatoform pain---the addiction 'tells' you that you have the PHYSICAL need to consume the caffeine.

Oh my god! You are speaking my language! I try to get off of it all the time and I always go back because of the physical and mental torture. The absolute exhaustion, the headaches and I have depression so the withdrawal makes the depression unbearable. I gotta go to sleep right now but let's talk in the morning. That's when I'm really weak because the withdrawal makes it hard to wake up without some type of stimulant. I added myself as one of your supporters.

I feel like I'm in good company with my 10 diet cokes. You know I've also have had tea besides the cokes too. I never thought of that! I'm down to 5 and the tea and I'm having some dilly of headaches and symptoms. Thanks!

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I have gone on and off the caffeine for so many years I can relate to some of what your going through. I've had stomach issues while drinking the soda. I actually had more side affects while consuming the diet cokes. It's a tough thing weather you feel side affects while drinking caffeine or as your coming off of it. Hang in there!