I had a relationship with a girl in my 15 (no i am 23) and s

I had a relationship with a girl in my 15 (no i am 23) and since then never felt that kind of feeling. When I date men, I don't feel comfortable cause I know that at the end they want that. I feel I don't have the courage to seek for girls and it's difficult to find lesbian/bisex. What should I do to understand my sexuality?

Im a lesbain and it took me till 23 till figure out i liked girls, i dated like 10 guys before that, I dated the girl for a year but shes like guys more so that sucks. It is really hard to find girls, just try to start out as friends and feel it out. Gay bars or coffee shops could work, meetup.com, or online dating pof, okcupid, just say ur curious, but make sure u know its a girl tell them to send u a pick with three fingers by there face or skype them before u say or do anything to initmait and bring pepper spray to meet, iv met about 20 ppl and havent had any trouble. Good luck love! Message me any time, ask w.e u want kk!

Thank you for your advices. I have never believed in meeting through apps. But maybe it's the only way to unlock this situation

Hello niki. Can we be friends?

I think apps are a great way to go! It's sometimes really hard to go out and interact with other women, especially if you don't have a way of telling their sexuality. Just be safe about it, and don't be worried if it doesn't work out right away, you're only twenty three, you have plenty of time to figure things out!

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