I had an industrial accident 1.5 yrs ago, and lost my left i

I had an industrial accident 1.5 yrs ago, and lost my left index and middle finger, as well as the end of the thumb. That is now fused in the middle. No pain to speak of, but my work as a boatbuilder is
over. I have been a very creative and talented person my entire life. My claim is nearly concluded.I am facing finding a new type of work, in an area where job opportunities are very scarce.
Most of the time I am positive and optimistic. Today I am just plain fearful. I am 59, and today I am battling that fear. I know that calling forth what it is that you want, helps to manifest opportunities. Just trying to get out of this funk

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You are in my prayers. It is very hard not only on you physically, but it is very difficult on your soul. You will find a new inspiration and you will have a new income. Sometimes, I wonder why do certain things happen. My friend used to tell me to be grateful to God that it could be worst. Wishing you all the happiness. Have faith and God bless you.

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@marcie What do you mean by “a new income”? lol Sounds nice.

yeah, hungryhand, it is hard to figure it out. I am constantly thinking of new ways for my Dad to be comfortable or a new way for him to reach things and stuff like that. Will pray for you:)

@stillgoing Hi stillgoing… Your Dad is fortunate to have a daughter who loves and cares for him. I hope he knows that. You are affected by his loss as well. My wife is a caregiver, I have some idea of what you are going through. It is a hard drain on the giver. Make sure you give to yourself too. I will pray for him. Hopefully the refusal to give up instinct will kick in with him, and he can move forward. Warm supportive thoughts to you… stay well. I don’t know what it is like to lose a leg, but I imagine it is a real blow to his sense of worth, and purpose. I hope I haven’t overstepped any boundries here…