I had an upsetting conversation with a friend that I thought

I had an upsetting conversation with a friend that I thought understood my food allergy.
She made a comment that as long as I explain my allergy nicely any restaurant would accommodate me and there must be something I can eat at any restaurant. She said “it can’t be that hard to live with a food allergy.” I asked her try living with a soy allergy for a week. She made it a Facebook challenge

that's really stupid. a facebook challenge? food allergy isn't at all like the ice bucket challenge, which isn't at all like ALS but at least raises awareness. unfortunately tose who don't deal with the things we do on tis site often just...don't...get it

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My son is allergic to soy & it is very hard to give him foods without Soy. Idk why they would make it a challenge. Lol. But try and find some friends maybe online that really can understand you better or go ahead and let her see how hard it is for a week. Im sure she will be more understanding after that

There's a chapter in Surviving and Thriving with a Chronic Illness that might make you feel a little better about this. It made me feel better after the reactions I got from friends and family members who don't understand how scary it is to live with severe food allergies, I hope it helps a little.
"Support is not an instinct. It doesn't come naturally to people who have never experienced that level of disaster... What they say about you isn't fueled by you, but rather, it is greatly influenced by how small and ineffective they feel in the face of something so large and ambiguous that they have no power to make it better." -Ilana Jacqueline

Maybe if more people ask for soy free, restaurants will carry it.