I had ankle surgery two hours after breaking my ankle on Tha

I had ankle surgery two hours after breaking my ankle on Thanksgiving morning. I have 3 beautiful children that I provide for and they are my world. Not being able to walk and do much on my own now is so life changing and not in a positive way. I returned to work only 10 days after surgery. I had an infection with my incision and of course the swelling because I’m back at work doing paperwork. I try my best to keep my leg elevated of course but now I’m having atrophy in my hip because of the lack of use. I have other issues going on at the moment in my life and I feel like this really hinders me only more and I scream and cry daily out of frustration! I’m afraid I’ll never be able to run or hike like I used to all the time. Does anyone have any tips for speedy recovery? I’m already in PT but my incision is now scabbing so it hurts and pulls when I rotate my ankle. I feel like my ability to live successfully has gone to crap.

I'm so sorry that happened, I can't even imagine having to deal with all of that. I've never broken a bone but I've had surgery a few times one was minor and one was major. I had the major surgery over a year ago but I was still able to walk at least. It sounds like this could change your activity level for good at least to some degree but really it's hard to say how much and how long. I would suggest that you start focusing more on what you can do and thinking on ways how you can get around easier. Do you have PT exercises you can do at home for your hips? Talk to your PT ask them for more stretching and exercises you can do to get more range of motion in your hips, do everything you can to keep moving your body that won't hurt your ankle. I'm sure it's probably frustrating and alot of hard work but if you try to focus on one day at a time and do what you are suppose to be doing you will get through.
What physical aids are you using? Maybe you need more than one for different situations? Here is another thing that I think is vital for anyone in your type of situation and that's to get outside as much as possible. On your days off from work make sure on sunny days you open up your curtains/blinds to get sunshine and if you have a spot in the house where you can actually sit in the sun that would be ideal.
As far as a speedy recovery I think its going to take however long it's going to take because even when someone does everything they are suppose to do things can come up such as an infection as you know then that sets you back. Just make sure you don't give up, take good care of yourself because it's not just for you it's for your kids. Take extra good care of your mental health I know it's life changing and it's very depressing but you can fight it. If you need something to get you around better than try to find out how you can get it. Do not give up!! You will be ok and get through this if you stay determined to do whatever you can to find ways to help yourself. I would suggest you get 3 lb dumbbells to exercise your arms at least twice a day. Also look up stretches for your neck and shoulders and do those every morning.

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@Fohb460 thank you very much for your kind and supportive words. I will talk to my PT about exercises for my hip, I didn’t even think of that. I’m really trying to stay strong and I do end up shutting out the world sometimes and staying inside. Going outside may be exactly what I need for my mood. Thank you again :heart: