I had deleted my profile and wasnt coming back on here but i

I had deleted my profile and wasnt coming back on here but i remade it and wanted to post about this.

I got some news the other day. Id found a lump on one of my testicles in the shower and luckily the doctor took it seriously had some tests done and they found out it was a seminoma a type of testicular cancer. They removed it and im fine now i guess we caught it early enough. They say this type of cancer has a 95% survivability rate if caught early. Mainly posting because i want to encourage everybody to do regular self checks you could be saving yourself a lot of trouble down the road. It sounds scary losing one but think about the alternative. If i can beat this you can too. I look at it as a blessing instead of a curse, it reminds me how fragile life is and how it can end any day. Like it says in the bible were not promised tomorrow. Im thankful to God for everyday every moment im given and im still dealing with my anxiety and AVPD and other issues but at least im alive to deal with those thats always a plus lol.

I hope everybodys doing good and looking forward to easter. Just wanted to stop by and post my story and let anybody thats dealing with this know that if you need somebody to talk to thats been through it im here and happy to listen and help.

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Well I am so glad to see you my friend but not under these circumstances. I am glad that you did find it and that you are going to be ok. I agree that both men and women should be checking themselves for any type of bump or lump on there bodies. I am here for you and supporting you through all of this so happy to have you here with us again and so happy that this will be ok. Sending lots of healing hugs and prayers to you my sweet friend. xoxo

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@Jennipain thanks jenni i appreciate it.