I had my amputation only on Tuesday 28th oct, im still in ho

I had my amputation only on Tuesday 28th oct, im still in hospital. What will happen now

Had mine july 1

Above knee my prosteic leg broke yesterday

Hi Mariaj. It depends on your doctors orders, insurance coverage, etc. I had. RBKA on April 4th. I was in the hospital for one week. Upon immediately being released from hospital I was sent to a rehabilitation facility for a week I was taught how to transfer safely from bed to wheelchair, to bathroom, to car, to shower, etc.
Generally, one is fitted with a prosthetic 6-8 weeks following but I had a few setbacks and am not walking yet.

You should begin looking for a prosthetist to work with getting your prosthetic. Your doctor may recommend someone but I would suggest you make appointments with two or three to find someone you feel comfortable working with as they will not only be making your prosthetic but you will want them to understand your needs and desires.
If you know anyone who has gone through amputation, talk with them about their experience. My doctor was good enough to put me in touch with other patients who has similar situations as me. They were kind enough to talk to me. I was also fortunate that there is a volunteer in my city who sees every amputation patient in any of the three four hospitals in our city. She is also an amputee and a wealth of information and support. I call her my mentor.

Connect with any support system you can find. This group and also a group on Facebook has been a wonderful support system for me.

Hi Brian. How long have you been an amputee? Hopefully you can get your prosthetic repaired or replaced. Have you called your prosthetist yet?

Brian, my bad. I just saw your the date you posted.