I had my reconstructive surgery on my left above the knee am

I had my reconstructive surgery on my left above the knee amputation Thursday morning. I say this a bit sarcastically as my left fat pockets and femur hung lower than my right knee did. The doctor who did the reconstructive surgery said she had to take off 10 lbs of fat and bone to get it all correct. My skin is stretched tight in that spot though and since I am overweight, and losing a little more that 110 more pounds, I'm gonna need this surgery again to get ride of the skin.

@cari.miller hi. You have to have this surgery again? When is that? I didn't know you had already lost so much weight! That's really good!
Hey. If you can support me, I can send you quick messages here. I hate email. I go many days without checking it and I get so many spam. I need to remove it all one day.
I also want you to post your own separate post on the weight loss forum so I can talk to you there. You don't need to post on team fit thread. That is just someone else's thread. it's not an actual group. The weight loss forum is the group. You can have your own thread and I will talk to you there. And if you see me post, you can talk to me there. There are no other separate groups. We are all individual. I just wanted to clear it up because I know it was confusing. Ttyl.

@NoMoreWaiting At my highest I was over 415lbs. Now under 250lbs. I’ve got to get down to about 130lbs for the prosthetic to be optimal. So I still have a long way to go. When I hit goal, I will need the same surgery again to remove the excess skin from my leg so that it does not cause issues.

I say it like this! Every day is another day to make good choices! I do the best I can and I don't worry about the rest!

Dear Abbey at the beginning of 2017 posted her "resolutions" and it was to focus only on the next 24 hours. Nothing more, nothing less. Never give yourself more than you can do in a 24 hour period. Prioritize, and take off the list what is not important so you do not see them. Don't keep running things to do list. (I was the QUEEN of running things to do list). Don't add or delete items from the to do list once the day starts. Do your best at getting the most important things done first. I love this idea and now to do this daily.