I had rhinoplasty 2.5 months ago, at age 30. It completely c

I had rhinoplasty 2.5 months ago, at age 30. It completely changed my face, and I’m devastated. I wish I could go back and tell myself what I needed to hear from others around me, that I was beautiful and didn’t need to go in debt to artificially alter myself, and for the love of god don’t do it. When I walk down the street I feel that people can tell my nose is fake. I don’t get the same kinds of looks and attention I used to. If I do get a look now, it seems they’re trying to figure out what happened to my face. I hate leaving the house, especially with my sister, because she is so beautiful and I feel so hideous beside her now. My smile is not the same. I used
to love my smile, it was one of my favorite features. But now I hate smiling because the colummelar strut that was placed to support the tip of my nose has a weird effect of creating a deep horizontal line above my lip every time I smile. It looks terrible. There is too much space between my nose and my mouth now, and my top lip seems too wide at the cupid’s bow or something. I can’t even quite figure out what’s different about it that makes it look so awful. My old nose was long, had a bump, and the tip was wide and pointed down. I loved the tip of my nose, it made me look youthful. I didn’t want alterations done to it. It now looks artificially pointed and narrow, too lifted, and overall my nose looks too short for my face. It gives me a harsh appearance, and I don’t feel beautiful, no matter what I do to my hair or what makeup I wear. I feel fake. I regret that decision so much. How do I learn to love myself when I feel artificial? I’m the product of some surgeon’s vision, not the natural person I was meant to be. And what’s worse, I did this to myself. I’m ashamed to walk down the street because it is obvious I’ve altered my appearance in an irreversible drastic way. I can’t look at old pictures of myself without thinking how stupid that was. Thirty years of memories and I can no longer share them because it’s not what I look like anymore. I’m so sad. It feels like nothing else matters now, because I’m no longer me. I just want to go back to the time when I didn’t have to constantly think about my appearance and could focus on things that actually mattered. I’m heartbroken.

I am so sorry to hear that you are regretful and very unhappy with the results. Do you think that the issue is really with the results or do you think you would be unhappy no matter what? My guess is that you were not happy before and had expectations that the surgery would “fix” everything. I may be completely wrong, but if not, try figuring out the true reason behind your unhappiness and working to resolve the real issue may bring the focus of your appearance to a much less worry. Sending you strength and support!

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@mybeach Thanks for the support. I often ask myself that question. I struggled with self love back then as well, but the results were definitely not what I was expecting. I was looking more for a minor adjustment, not a drastic change. And as vain as it sounds, I was hoping to feel prettier, but I don’t, I just feel different, and if anything I feel that I destroyed my natural beauty and made myself look worse. I miss my old appearance. I think maybe changing it made me realize what I had. I’m also really struggling with feeling fake and vain and exposed about my insecurities, since I can’t really hide the center of my face. I’m trying to do positive affirmations, but I struggle with the notion that this isn’t actually me. It feels very surreal and difficult to reconcile. I don’t think I was a good candidate for this procedure due to my history of anxiety and depression, and my difficulty with change. I just wish I never did it and had worked on my self esteem instead.

It’s not too late to work on your self esteem now. I know it sounds cliche, but try to recognize your inner beauty. In time you may find that as your face continues to heal it may also become less drastic to you. I truly hope you can find peace with your decision and with who you are, who you become!

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@mybeach Thank you :heart: