I hate everyone so much. I don't know what to do with all th

I hate everyone so much. I don't know what to do with all this hate f*ck everyone.

Hey, calm down. It's ok to be angry at times, and though you may feel like that right now, it'll change. I know that humanity has a lot of flaws, but thats just the way it is. Everyone has their good and bad sides. If you want to talk about what's bothering you, I'm here to listen. You can say whatever you want, cursing, whatever, if thats what it takes to make you feel better

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Everyone is a f*cking b!tch ****@le. None of my close people are really here for me now that when I'm going through a real tough time. They don't understand me. Like not at all. And that kills me so deeply

Do you want to talk about it ? I'll listen if you do.
The thing is that not that people don't care, most of the times, they're just not i the right place at the right time. But right now, if you want to talk, I'll be more than willing to listen.

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I’m married. And I hate my husband. But my parents don’t think it’s the right thing for me to divorce at this point. They think I’m just running away from situations instead of facing them. But I honestly do not have the motivation or strength to work on the marriage. I just want to get out of it
Especially that there’s a girlfriend in the picture. I love her so much and I wanna be with her, but my family will never accept that. NEVER. They’re super religious. But I need my family and I never wanna do anything that will hurt them or that will make me lose them. I need them in my life.
So now I’ve decided to leave town for a while and go to a college in the states. (I live in Canada) to take some space from everyone.
But I’m scared to tell my parents. And I can’t decide if I should tell them now or when all the plans are made. I’m so scared of their reaction or if it’s even a good idea for me to do that

I know that it's only the right thing to be a good child to your parents, but they do not live your life. You do, and you make your own decisions. I assume that you've already tried talking to them sensibly. I suggest that you tell them soon, the later the worse, Not only will it be really bad when they find out, but it'll have an extremely heavy effect on your emotion and life in general, since you're involved in an unhappy marriage. After telling them, let your husband go, set him free again. And then, go be with the one you love.

But I love my parents. And I need them to love me. And I need them in my life. And I need to be on their good side. I’m fcking in my twenties and my parents go away for 2 days I fckimg miss them.

I know you do, and that should never change. But there are some things that you just have to decide for your own sake. They might be angry at first, but I do think that they'll come around when they realized how unhappy you are now and how happy you'd be then.

And then I’m going for f*cking marriage therapy to my b!tchy therapist who hates me. Should I tell them about my plan then? Or tell my husband privately?

I'm just so nervous and scared in case you haven't realized. And I have so many questions but don't have whom to ask. So I feel alone and confused.
I'm sorry I'm making you crazy

I do realize. And if I was there, I'd try my best to comfort you. But right now, there is only so much you can do. Try telling your husband first, see if he understands. I'm quite sure he'll. And then, tell your family. It will be really hard, I know. and there is nothing you and I can do to make it easier, but at the very least, I'm here for you. I wish you the best

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Thank you

Keep fighting. And if you ever need me, I'm just a click away :D