I hate how my labia look... they don't hang bad.. but it's n

I hate how my labia look... they don't hang bad.. but it's not tucked in like it used to be.. the last guy I dated had a huge fat penis.. I think it made it stretch and that's why it's like this now. I want surgery

A large labia is a condition that affects many women. Although accurate statistical data has not been made available, research performed by Dr. Robert Latou Dickinson in the early decades of the 20th century revealed that in 1,000 gynecological cases, about 36% of patients showed some degree of labial hypertrophy.

That means that 1 out of 3 women who underwent a gynecological exam or checkup had oversized labia, or at least one that was larger than the norm.

Regardless of the exact figures, it is clear that a large or long labia is fairly common. Although the condition has not been known to cause serious health issues, a rising number of women and young girls are seeking medical intervention to correct what they consider as a functional and aesthetic issue through surgery such as labiaplasty.

Changing Your Body

Labial reshaping to correct a larger labia is a surgical procedure that is steadily gaining in popularity. In 2006 alone, over 1,000 “vaginal rejuvenation” procedures were performed in the U.S. alone, according to the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

In the U.K, over 2,000 procedures were completed in 2011. Although the ASPS no longer tracks the number of women undergoing vaginal rejuvenation, experts on both sides of the Atlantic estimate that the number will continue to rise.

So what exactly does this procedure hope to achieve and why is a large / long labia an issue? Here is a complete overview of the condition and the type of treatment available to correct it.

What is Labia and Why Does Size Matter?
Labia vagina diagram

“Labia” (plural “labium) is the Latin word for lip. The labia is an important part of the female genitalia that protects the clitoris and the vaginal canal. Essentially, labium are folds of skin that protect the clitoris and the vaginal opening.

The labia consists of two parts – the labia majora and the labia minora. Often, the part that causes the most common complaint when it comes to size is the labia minora. A large labia, to say the least, is not considered normal by many. Its medical term is labial hypertrophy.


The size, length, shape and pigmentation of the inner lips or labia minora vary widely. In some women, the inner lips may be so thin that they are almost invisible externally and only the labia majora can be seen.

Other women, however, have a long labia while others may have a long labia, a condition that makes the inner lip easily visible.

The size of the labia minora is generally dictated by genetics, as evidenced in the case of some female members of the Khoisan group of people. In these women, the inner folds of the genitalia can be as long as four inches when they stand up.

Hypertrophy of the labial folds, it seems, is a common characteristic among the women. The most famous case of this kind was Sarah Baartman, who became a celebrity in the 19th century for what Western culture considered a unique physical characteristic.

Baartman Hyper trophy

Women in certain African tribes also attempt to increase the size of their inner lips by weighing them down. In their culture, a large labial area is considered a desirable trait, so women go through great lengths to achieve it.

A long labia among women in these tribes is considered acceptable, a fact that people in other cultures and parts of the world may find surprising.

In the case of large or elongated inner lips, the question of normality is actually relative.

Believe it or not, a big labia is actually normal, in the sense that the only reason why some folks might find it out of the ordinary is that it is not the image or size of the labia that we normally see in books or film.

Having a larger labia is akin to having large ears or a large nose or even thick lips – it simply is the result of the rich physical diversity we enjoy as part of the human race.

The only difference is that we could readily see the differences in the visible features of other people so we generally do not think much of the variation.

Because the female genitalia is not exposed in most cultures, a large or oversized labia is considered an anomaly and there is much mystery, stigma and shame associated with its size relative to the general population.

The truth is that every woman is different, which only goes to say that how her vagina looks like will also be different. There is nothing wrong, weird or abnormal about having a large or long labia, as long as the woman is healthy and happy about the way she looks.

In short, a large, thick or long labia is merely a type of anatomic variant and not a malformation.

However, a long labia can present a number of issues, such as:

Discomfort. A long labia can rub against the fabric of the underwear and become sore due to friction. This condition may lead to small tears in the labial tissue which could later lead to infection, pain and inflammation. This is especially true among women who are active or engage in sports, or wear tight clothing.

Embarrassment. Any concerns about the size and appearance of one’s genitalia could lead to emotional and psychological distress which, in some women, is considerable enough to make them feel ashamed of the way they look.

This is especially true among adolescent girls who also have to struggle with the emotional and physical changes that occur during puberty. Their appearance may cause them to feel embarrassed and self-conscious, especially when they are in a situation where they might have to dress up in front of other women.

Low Self-Esteem. Women may react to the idea of being different in, well, different ways. Some may embrace their own physical uniqueness while others may feel unsatisfied. Some women, for example, may feel embarrassed about their bodies especially during intimacy and would rather have it changed.

Painful Sexual Intercourse. Some women may experience pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse because of labial size.

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