I hate it when I am picked to participate in class sometimes

I hate it when I am picked to participate in class sometimes because I have really bad anxiety. I get so nervous when the teacher starts to call on people to get up and write answers on the board. I completely made a fool of myself today in my economics class. I had to write a graph about supply and geez I just didn't realize how much I didn't actually understand that specific type of graph I had to graph. It was humiliating for me to stutter and turn red and not understand what in the world I had to explain. It sucks when I know people are laughing at me or probably making fun of me for not knowing something like that. I felt like this specific person from my class was snickering at me as we passed by in the hallway after econ class was over. I really don't like that I'm not confident in the classroom. I worry too much over what other people think about me. I panicked after class was over and wanted to run out of the school. It might seem like I'm exaggerating things but things like that can take a great toll on me. :/

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I can relate to this as I felt the same way years ago in school. I have a suggestion for you. Have a private chat with your teachers and explain that you have anxiety and would rather not be singled out for anything during class. That should put a stop to it really fast.

Thank you for your help! :) I would really like to do that but I want to be able to build up the confidence to participate in class. I want to be able to confidently answer questions and when I'm incorrect I want to be able to accept that I was wrong. I don't want to panic anymore when it comes to that stuff :( I hope that made sense I'm sorry if my reply was a bit confusing.

Hi. Maybe looking at the cause of your anxiety is a good start...
My opinion is a lack of confidence.
Since u talking about situations in class then I would suggest your first plan of action should be to practice preparing well enough in advance. Go through your work so that u are familiar with it and when discussed it won't feel like its totally new to u.
Join more group activities and discussions and find your strong points and build on them.
Don't expect something to go wrong before u even started then u are missing to see all the right things that happens...