I hate it when you know that your bulimia cycle is starting

I hate it when you know that your bulimia cycle is starting again but you can't do anything to control it

Well, the good thing is we have a choice to live in it or do something about it. Most of us in recovery have learned one thing........ we were unable to recover on our own. Our ED does not define us, we need to share with one another and what worked for me, may work for you............hugs to all, Joan

thank you, I'm just having a really hard time with it at the moment :(

I have recently began my road to recovery after 14 years of struggling. It started by acknowledging I had a problem and accepting that I need help outside of what I can so for myself. Help from my therapist is helping a great deal. I was living in a mirage. I believed that I was the one in control.... but food had all the control. Just realizing and accepting that jump started my recovery.

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I hope that I have as much strength as you do, i always denied to myself that i had a problem and that it wasn't serious or even bulimia but now i know that i want to take control of my life in a healthy way

The first step is always the hardest... but it gets easier with every step