I hate life

All I’ve ever wanted in life is to be happy. I can’t even have that. So what’s the point? To suffer? I hate it

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don’t give up
let’s become someone’s hope
life has its ups and downs just try to be happy and make others happy you will be okay

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I will tell you what a friend told me when I was feeling how you are:

Happiness is fleeting. Unhappiness isn’t failure; it’s a part of life, and life is full of ups and downs. It is literally impossible to be happy all the time. So if you make happiness your ultimate goal and then you have times you are unhappy, you will always feel like you’ve failed somehow.
The antidote to feeling like you always need to be happy is having a purpose; a reason to get up and keep going every day. And within that, finding your little pockets of joy that make unhappy times more bearable. If you don’t feel like you have a purpose, find one (which is really oversimplifying it, I know). This may take some effort on your part and maybe some trial and error, but it’s there for you to find. I hope this helps :heart:

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So sorry to hear that you hate life. Sounds like a very distressing time for you. If you are not happy are you sad? Maybe there are reasons for this which you do not highlight. As has been said to be happy you need to experience its opposite and a state of happiness is not constant as it comes and goes. What are you suffering with? Seems like a lot of questions I agree that purpose in life can help, having hobbies and feeling worthy. Is there anybody who devalues you if so avoid them or keep them at a distance. Recently i had friends who disrespected me and I had misjudged one as thought she was sincere. Now I will not have contact with them again as there is not trust. Like yourself and know that you are precious.

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My life is great, (“aside from self harm”). But living in NC is not great without Self harm. It is mostly because i am not doing anything. But i am super blessed and it’s great. But all roads return singularly back to self harm. You do not have a clue on how badly i want to return. I know now that i need therapy. Or I stay not happy living in NC and I am going (“try”) scuba diving or freediving. I can go to 100 feet below the surface of the water without oxygen as long as i have weights on without weights 60 feet. It’s easy but the journey for me is to find the hidden town underneath the water where i live.

Do you actually know what happiness is?

Most people don’t (including me until several years ago) and so what most people spend their time doing is pursuing things in life that they have been told will give them happiness, but which never ever does.

Told by whom? By other people, including media, movies, books, comments made by famous or respected people and of course, our parents and friends. But only a tiny percentage of people know what true happiness is.

I spent most of my life in increasing levels of misery, depression and indifference. I hated life and everything in it. I wanted to die and be reborn into a different person, in a different life.
The one day, I realized that no-one is going to help me end my suffering and so if I wanted something better/different for myself, I had to do something myself for myself.

The key question I have for you is: what are you willing to do to be in the state of true happiness?
This means having happiness all the time and not once a day, or a few times a week, etc.
You and everyone else can have continuous happiness, if you want to.
I can help you if you really want to change your life.

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Happiness is inflicting pain on myself. I learned that I am a psychopath now and i have to accept myself. Since i was younger I had already knew. I have zero intention of beinging bad although :confused:. I would rather avoid conflicts. I rather keep my distance or be unsuspecting. Draw no attention in, and sit in corner of the room now. I have not figured out how or why. I am trying to reverse anti social … i watched another serial killer cassandra Bjorge. We are not similar but we are. I do not condone violence. She could have just walked away.