I hate myself

I just hate myself, I think I am so ugliest person alive and just think I am so dumbest person alive, I just feel like a waste of skin. And so undeserving of anything. I know there are people that really truly care about me and love me, and I know that but I have these irrational thoughts and I know they are irrational thoughts but I just think people I just being nice and they actually hate me but I know that's not true so why do I have those thoughts, I want them to go away but they just won't. Why do I think so negatively of myself, people always tell me how I am the nicest person in the world and I would never hurt or be mean to anyone which is very true I know but why am I so mean to myself why can't I see what other see in me. Why is it so much easier to think negatively. Its like I really have to think positive and when I think negative it comes so naturally. Why can't I love me like others love me, why is myself esteem and self confidants in myself so low. Why can't I have positive self esteem and have self confidants.

How do you love your self, how do you boost yourself confidants and self esteem? Is that something that has to come with in your self or is there steps you can take?


"I am so ugliest person alive" Hey that's my job lol, i know how you feel in a way you cannot get rid of irrational thoughts trust me you just got to live with them its part of being human, maybe anxiety or worrying about what others may think of you and from what i have read in your posts your not a bad person and the people saying you are nice or caring are right you just need to get to a point so you can see it yourself.

I have felt the same way from time to time thinking people where only begin nice to me because they had to or wanted something, maybe you should stop asking why are they doing but but "How do you love your self" for who you are, isn't that all that really matters?

In the end i think you are worth it, you are deserving of anything you want in life you just need to be confidant in who you are, maybe you need a helping hand i think we all do that's why we are here, stop listening to the irrational thought and keep a positive outlook.

Also "Is that something that has to come with in your self" a lot of it does have to come from within and you have to want to do it, but it is nice to have someone there to help you through it with positive outlook which is why you shouldn't push those people away trying to give it to you.

I decided to make my own 5 step program for this very same issue i have it stuck on my fridge you should do the the same thing make a list of 5 things you think will greatly improve your confidence and self esteem, i would be more than happy to share mine with you if you like?

irrational thoughts dont go away because u might have OCD.. i wish they did but even people with out OCD have them they just move on and we dont.. I think your being too hard on your self and you have your self convinced your ugly...

you can work on this I know theropist can help and medications plus stand in a mirror and ask your self really what is so bad about you.. I dont think you will find much or even nothing... we are all different in this world and no one is perfect by any means...

Start thinking or triing to think your beautiful and non selfish and live your life its hard and gonna take time but we are all here for you...

best wishes!!

hi hun. With OCD, racing irrational thoughts come with the territory. It's very difficult for all of us, since we are unable to control them. Thats where our counceling and medications take over, helping our anxiety and depression. Just in the short time I have been on here, I know you have a good heart. There is no way you could be so supportive without it. Don't let these terrible thoughts change whats in your heart. Tell your therapist as soon as you can honey!

I wish my Self Esteem was higher than it is but I am working on it and I think you can too. I'm in counseling now first of all. I am trying to tell myself everyday I am some body and I deserves to be loved and happy, my mother told me the other day if will never be happy until i learn to love me. She said take baby steps, one foot in front of the other and I can do anything I want.

So thats what I'm doing.