I hate not being able to afford what I want. The clothes I n

I hate not being able to afford what I want. The clothes I need and want, be it bras and underwear or even socks, watching everyone around me buy what they want makes me hate myself for not having a job. My therapist told me to refer to my mental issues as challenges, so I hate myself for having these mental challenges because it keeps me from having a well paying job so that I can have what I need and not worry about my non existant family not helping me for sh*t. I'm sick of having to struggle all because my mom is too. I'm sick of going down with her just to watch my family turn their backs on me. F*ck you, I love you but I clearly didn't deserve half of the sh*t I've been put through by this family. I'm sick of suffering by my goddmn self!!!! Its hard enough having a small buidness that didnt make a sale this month, I'm sick of being around family who don't even try to help me. Even when I tell them what's wrong they still ignore me. Go to hell for his toy treat me because I didn't do anything to you!

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I'm sure it's very difficult. Maybe you can get a part time job to help cover your expenses. could be something small like a paper route or bbaysitting.

Go to school to find your passion and get a part time job and safe everything,learn how to cook and be frugile with your money too.

@KyleeHalsey I know how to do household things. I cook for us more than she does. Shes tries to reck my card before money wise. I’m doing what I can.

The longer you have to deal with emotional abuse or physical abuse the more mental health issues it can cause. You can't really heal till you can get out of abusive situations. I have dealt with abuse and I have seen the affect it has had on others. I learned the abuse never ends on its own it always escalates.
Nobody could say or do anything to help me get out. When your wanting to leave an abuser it is common to feel guilty about abandoning them. Leaving an abuser is one of the toughest things someone will ever do. It makes you feel uncertain. You'll inevitably doubt yourself. When I left it was me who got me out nobody else can make that decision for me. Good luck and best wishes for you. Nobody ever deserved to be emotionally or physical;y abused. There are safe places for all types of abuse.

I know what it's like to not be able to afford socks (as well as the joy I felt when I found some socks marked down).

It's rough. Hugs

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