I have a busy day tomorrow, and I'm currently in high school

I have a busy day tomorrow, and I'm currently in high school in my senior year. Well, I have an interview right after school tomorrow for a college I plan to attend and I plan to wear a black dress with leggings underneath. Now, I have never worn a dress to school even as a child. I know you guys are gonna say just be confident in yourself. But how? With social anxiety I can barely wear jeans and a nice shirt without wondering what people are thinking of me or shying away at a glance. How do you be confident? I really want to wear the dress to school (school appropriate) but I'm not sure how to be confident and comfortable in it. Any suggestions or tips?

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Hello amckee97;
I think it all comes down to trusting yourself. Your own personal style can be anything you want, and you can pull off any look as long as you wear that dress with a little bit of confidence! Good Luck!

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@Error101 No offence taken. I loved to see women in dresses, and I love dresses. It looks so feminine, ladylike, and just gorgeous… You are correct, @Error101… Just be you in your dress! Rock your dress! You are going to be fine, @amckee97… We, SG friends here believed in you. Please started believing in yourself and your abilities… Remember you’re not alone, SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow. Good Luck to you!

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