I have a lot of stressful exams tomorrow that I don't really

I have a lot of stressful exams tomorrow that I don't really feel ready for which always makes me turn to food for comfort. Eating when I am not hungry leads to binging, so it is a slippery slope. Today though, I gave myself permission to "comfort" eat healthy foods just a little. I think being kind to myself, recognizing my need for a bit of extra comfort, and also eating the healthy food instead of junk food kept me in control and binge-free. I sometimes try to think of food as fuel and try not to eat when i'm not hungry for the fear of binging, but I think it is important to remember than emotional eating a little bit is okay at times, and does not make the day a "loss" (aka a reason to just "screw it all" and binge). Sometimes you just need food to fill the soul a little bit

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That is a very healthy and moderate mindset. The fact that you were able to indulge a little without binging is HUGE! You did something so good for yourself, and you deserve it! Congratulations!

Yes! I couldn't have said it better myself! Sometimes you need to give yourself permission to seek comfort from food! Even people that have a "normal" relationship with food do sometimes overeat, or eat for reasons other than hunger! Good for you!