I have a phone appointment in a couple minutes. It's the job

I have a phone appointment in a couple minutes. It's the job centre and I hope they are calling me to find out if I'm still on the autism diagnosis waiting list. I don't know for definite what they are calling for so I can't prepare for it. I have a fear of answering phones but it helps when I know what time and date they are calling. I don't want to get sanctioned. I haven't been looking for jobs because my last work coach said I didn't have to if I was on the mental health programme, but it's not in writing so I might get sanctioned for not keeping to the agreement. Instead I have been doing some courses so it doesn't look so bad.

The guy from the mental health programme thinks that I am just shy and not going out because of pandemic panic. He must've forgotten about the hundred times that I told him I had this problem since way before the pandemic. He has also told me to go out jogging, also purposely forgetting that I am fat. I have ankle and knee problems because of my weight and he wants me to go jogging which is high impact, so I can lose weight. I told him I was gonna do cycling indoors instead. He wasn't happy. I accidentally made this into a vent but I didn't meant to.

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That's awful for him to say that. Hugs to you.

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@ISFJ22 You don't have to apologize for explaining your concerns, I'm sure that's hard on the mind and body when like you said you can't prepare yourself. Try to take deep breaths through out the day, write down times and dates that you taking your classes, this way you have something at hand to share when they call. Sorry that's stressing you out, it would for me too. Stay strong!

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