I have a question for the group: Does anyone here have a ser

I have a question for the group: Does anyone here have a service dog for your PTSD? My wife has suggested I get one but I am not sure if PTSD would qualify me for one.

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Actually service dogs that are registered in each state for a condition can be Google and find out legally what services a dog can cover. The main thing is the dog must be performing a service to protect the person. Like alert for seizures, guide dog, helping a child walk by leaning on dog and do forth. If you have a disorder due to previous trauma do you believe a dog would calm you down, stop an anxiety attack or alleviate depression? For a dog to be truly registered as a service dog both you and dog have to be under the training of a service trainer. In some states the dog must be all 4 paws walking on ground. People who tell grocery stores their little dog sits in the cart because it's a service dog can only say that if the dog has been trained with you to be polite in public. Remember, a service dog needs to be exceptionally trained to function in public. Look up your state laws, if it says to refer to federal guidelines then do. Decide what a dog can do for you to help you thru your PTSD and how. Then get in touch with an organization that does service training with humans and their dog. Make sure you start out with a physcian documented letter of diagnosis and usually they have to fill out a form stating you qualify. Good luck. I do obedience and agility training but know many breeds of dogs and how well they work for different genres.

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Yeah, I've been checking on that. I found one agency that (it appears) says they provide service dogs for vets with PTSD. However, in the application they specifically state that the dog must perform at least two tasks. My disability isn't physical, and the dog would primarily be for emotional support, calming me down when I flash back or start to get anxious about my surroundings.

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It would need to be a dog that was able to understand the need for calming you. I will need to think awhile about another task.

I've been looking at getting a service dog for the same reason. A few more reasons that should qualify as tasks are assisting in daily tasks that become difficult in face an anxiety attack or a subsequent depressive episode. I often struggle with getting out of bed and performing daily health care tasks, such as taking a shower, remembering my medication, etc. If you struggle with any of those such things, those are also viable tasks to get your dog trained in assisting.

Smolt.m.those are some good outcomes for someone who is having an attack. Duck check into what Smolt listed and see if they can apply to your diagnosis.

Good answer guys. Though I personally think having a pet around can help calm you down anyway. At home at least. I guess each person with PTSD would need their dog trained spefically for them. Because each person can have slightly different problems.