I have a story for y’all. So I have a lot of adaptagens

I have a story for y’all.
So I have a lot of adaptagens. One is Ashwagandha. Another is Maca. I buy them in bulk powders from nuts.com and put them in containers that look exactly the same.
So for the past 2 days, I’ve felt this Irritability building inside of me. It hit a new high today and I went into the kitchen to take some more Ashwagandha.
Feeling so irritable ,I was confused and I looked down and sure enough, I was not taking Ashwagandha. I was taking the Maca. Completely different.
That’s what I’ve been taking the last few days. D@mn!
So this just validates for me again how much the Ashwagandha helps my nerves. Along with a few other things. But I was taking those other things and without the Ashwagandha plus too much Maca threw me way off to where I went from feeling calm and normal to a lot more irritable. I was irritated driving down the road.

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Oh my goodness Lolly!!! I'm sure your body is saying what in the world are you doing to me now??? Lol...so glad you figured it out....I have tried macca root several different times but I gain weight rapidly when use it and Lord knows I don't need any more of that!
Hubby and I have changed the way we were eating and since July have lost 18 pounds for me and 28 for him!!! Just by changing how we were eating...no sugar and only 50 carbs or less a day....feeling good getting the extra weight off!
How have you been feeling despite the great switcheroo on your supplements?

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@mechele that is so great to read you’ve lost 18 pounds. Oh well it feels great to get the weight off.

These were my original two adaptagens that made me feel somewhat normal and able to sleep. I take the ash. at night ( in organic capsule form) and the Maca in the morning ( powder form) in either my coffee or my smoothie ( as it revs me up ) . I could not imagine consuming Maca at night as I'd be a hungry, angry monster. Lol. I can totally relate to this and it's a good thing I kept mine in separate forms. My mind is not what it used to be. I sometimes open the fridge and I forget why. Lol. Seems this is all a process that requires some fine tuning. If I eat carbs, I find I am also more tired and gassy. I try to avoid them as best I can. But total deprivation will never work for me. The way I figure it is: if I'm walking 6 miles a day...I'm gonna eat at least one piece of bread. I " earned " it. ;). ...

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@chimama oh girl, you definitely earn a piece of bread every day you get that 6 mile walk in! It truly helps everything from the mind down!! Proud of you lady!