I have a story to share. I hope that some of you will find i

I have a story to share. I hope that some of you will find it helpful. My Obsession with Food
All of my life, I have been dealing with anxiety and depression, although I was never diagnosed with either until eighteen years ago. Since that time, I have also been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. When circumstances made me uncomfortable, I would turn to food. I would bake and eat. Baking calmed me down. Eating made me happy.
When I was a teenager, I discovered my love for baking—especially bread and cookies. I could spend hours in the kitchen, mixing and kneading the dough, then watching the dough rise, then enjoying the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread. Cookies were something that I could whip up in a hurry, or spend time cutting them out carefully, then decorating them with colored sugars. My family, especially my dad, encouraged me to bake. I was always “not good enough” in every other category; but, baking won me praise. Of course, after baking, came the eating.
As the years went by, I found out that sugar flared up my anxiety. I cut down on the sugar, but still kept enjoying my baked goods. Food, in general, still was my go-to. As my emotional state went up and down, there was always food waiting for me to ease things. In 2015, I was diagnosed with 27 food allergies. Sugar, bran, beef, yogurt, various beans, baker’s yeast, brewer’s yeast, mushrooms, milk, eggs, yogurt, malt, and some others were included. Suddenly, my baking came to a halt.
My entire life changed because of these food allergies. No more cookies, homemade bread, ice cream, chocolate, pudding, or so many other foods that have brought me comfort. This new diet made eating out almost impossible. Baking was no longer feasible. Cooking even became a challenge. My food choices became extremely limited, and so did my everyday life. Cashews and peanut butter became my new comfort foods. Quite often, I thought about having a huge meal of everything that I had been missing, with no care about the outcome. With the help of a nutritionist, a new counselor, and an antidepressant, that is no longer an issue for me.
Emotional eating is still an issue for me; but, I have found healthier ways to cope. The allergy diet still is a part of my life. I have found peace with it, though, as I feel better living without these foods. I have found ways to cook and bake again. When my anxiety or depression flares up, I use EFT tapping to control the craving for food, or I pray until the desire for food passes. Finding strength through faith has been very helpful. I keep Bible verses taped to the mirror above my kitchen sink, so that they are readily available in times of need. My need to eat, as a way to deal with my anxiety and depression, is becoming more controlled with each passing day.

Thank you!

Thx for sharing. Elanaspantry.com has some interesting recipes. She has MS and diet helps control her symptoms.