I have been a gambler for 10 years. For the first 4 yrs it w

I have been a gambler for 10 years. For the first 4 yrs it was under control and then it became compulsive. I can't leave my house without first running to a lotto store and playing a few hundred dollars in scratch offs. I need support to curb this. Condition is getting worse than ever

Gambling is a tough thing to struggle with. Especially when it can have such a toll financially, and emotionally. Usually addictions can be a coping mechanisms for other things in your life. I would suggest next time you have that urge to go get the scratch-offs, to write in a journal about how you're feeling, what's going on in your life and just what's going through your head. This can help you decipher what emotions are triggering the behavior. I would also try to distract yourself- you say that this usually happens when you leave your house. So how about you make a deal with yourself-next time you put on a list other things you have to do before getting the scratch-offs. Instead of denying yourself gambling, say that you can, but only after you complete the other things on the list. By that time, you might be in a better place to decide what you want to do. Those are some strategies that I think might be helpful. Maybe others in the group have some suggestions too? Best of luck to you!

@lh003 thank you for your support. I am running away from how I feel in life and the feeling I feel is overwhelmed all the time.

dear bettina 10 years is along time. are you making money or just giving it away how many people do you know who is ahead take control just dont bye more then 1 or2

@wayneandjudie@verizon.net thanks for your support. The best for me yo do is not to buy any scratch offs. I find I am satisfied with just a few lotto computer tickets. When I buy scratch offs, I get frustrated when I lose so I just keep buying more and more to try to win my money back and then it spirals out of control