I have been dating someone with PTSD for over 2 years now

I have been dating someone with PTSD for over 2 years now. When he is doing good, I could not ask for a more perfect relationship. We definitely have a wonderful relationship and I believe he is the one. But one day, out of the blue, he completely changes into such a depressed, negative person. He distances himself from everyone he loves and only goes to work and home to lay at home alone and be depressed. Sometimes its a few weeks, sometimes its a month or more, then one day, he shows us just like nothing happened and picks up right back where we left off. As if only maybe a day has passed. I love him and want to help him. He knows and finally realizes what a problem it is and I think he is finally willing to get help. I just wanted to hear from people who have been through similar situations and see what support I can offer. What was the outcome? I love him and want to stand beside him through all this but the emotional roller coaster is bringing me down.

My boyfriend doesn't have PTSD but he did go/is going through something very alike to what your boyfriend. Ultimately, it really helps (As far as I can see), to stand by his side and let him know that you love him and are there for him. That can go miles.

I have been living with my husband for over 40 years, when he comes home from Kuwait, Iraq and many other countries, he's never the same. If I was 30 years younger and know what I know now, would have left him years ago. He will never change, refuses to get help, I'm positive he has not only PTSD but also (OCD) obsessive compulsive disorder and to end this, my nursing degree tell me he shows signs of ADD (attention deficit disorder). Get out before you get my age...68. Good Luck