I have been dealing with depression for a while now. This ye

I have been dealing with depression for a while now. This year has been extremely tough for me. I am now going through a divorce at the age of 23. My husband was cheating and have me hsv2 (genital herpes). We met when I was 16 and he was 15. He was my first everything. We got married at the age of 20 and we have a 4 year old daughter. After finding out that he gave me this std he promised me that he would never leave me and my child. We have been separated since two days after my birthday in April of this year. Not only breaking down my confidence he told me that he wanted to move out of state to better his self. During that time I graduated from school in October. He never showed up at my graduation and was no support. Making broken promises that things will work out between him and I. He just told me Monday when he came to visit for the holiday that he doesn't want to be with me any more and that he will continue to have sex with different women and have different relationships. The sick part is that he doesn't plan on letting women know that he has this std. My daughter is emotionally unstable due to the situation and she suffers from epilepsy. He doesn't bother to ask About her but insists on tormenting me. How can I move forward when I am emotionally stuck.?

The best thing to do is focus on u. I know its hurt because its hard for me too. U have a baby girl that needs her mommy. Cry now and be strong. They always come back but u need u. I know u strong. Plz stay strong if u can do it I pray I can to

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