I have been dealing with depression for a while now. This ye

I have been dealing with depression for a while now. This year has been extremely tough for me. I am now going through a divorce at the age of 23. My husband was cheating and have me hsv2 (genital herpes). We met when I was 16 and he was 15. He was my first everything. We got married at the age of 20 and we have a 4 year old daughter. After finding out that he gave me this std he promised me that he would never leave me and my child. We have been separated since two days after my birthday in April of this year. Not only breaking down my confidence he told me that he wanted to move out of state to better his self. During that time I graduated from school in October. He never showed up at my graduation and was no support. Making broken promises that things will work out between him and I. He just told me Monday when he came to visit for the holiday that he doesn't want to be with me any more and that he will continue to have sex with different women and have different relationships. The sick part is that he doesn't plan on letting women know that he has this std. My daughter is emotionally unstable due to the situation and she suffers from epilepsy. He doesn't bother to ask About her but insists on tormenting me. How can I move forward when I am emotionally stuck.?

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I'm extremely sorry for how you are feeling right now. Unfortunately I don't have any advice to help but I want you to know I wish you the best and hope things improve in the near future

Thank you I appreciate that a lot.

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A broken heart will make you feel stuck. Part of feeling stuck comes from not wanting to move on. You are so young, motivated, strong. You will make it through this and from from it. You will find the man you deserve. Write down the qualities you want in a man and be open to who the Universe brings your way. Love and romance will come your way again. To start out on this part, start something new. Like a new project or exercise routine. Something that will give you confidence. Trust me. You will be happy again.

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@Ever-Stone being stuck will only last so long! Right now in trying to rebuild myself! And because I was sexually abused as a child by outside family, I looked for him to be my protector and help me through that pain and not being able to trust people. I didn’t know how to value myself growing up. I honestly can’t look in the mirror because I see those flaws he and other people takes down on me about.

Sounds like you might have a Narcissist on your hands. He doesn't care about his daughter, and plans to sleep around without telling anyone about the herpes? Yeah, sounds like one. You might want to join the Narcissist group and the herpes group. Both are very friendly, helpful and supportive. If you want information on herpes you can go to herpes.com.

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@ColaWars He definitely a narcissist but an ego manic as well. It’s disgusting the things he does because he has no conscious. So I will work on moving forward! One day at a time.

Get a paper n pen n jot down what values u the most as a person n compare it to what u need to work on. Your worth is important.

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I am sorry for what you were forced to endure as a child. So, your perception of danger and fear that another will harm you is heightened and deeply embedded in you. Moreover, your self-esteem has been damaged. You have devalued yourself because of your trauma, and this is perpetuated by others who put you down. I am sorry. Please listen. There are painful wounds in you that you must seek to understand and heal. You can do this. Relearning to value yourself is very important. Sharing the pain you experienced is critical. You need a safe group to do this in. I would try to find a survivor group in you area. You can just go there and listen at first, without speaking. Learning to revalue yourself is a process of developing new core boundaries and values for yourself. You have a deep sense that you have an inner power of strength. I see that. You just dont know how to tap into it. Begin with remaking yourself into your ideal person, inside and out. Do not allow yourself to be a victim with a victim mindset. Decide to take charge. This means learning meditation for your inner peace and strength, and deciding that you are going to blossom into your potential. Choose to eat healthy, exercise, and cut out any poor lifestyle chooses you find in you activities. Right now you are in the rebuilding phase. Right now you need to decide that you are a strong and powerful woman and you arent going to tolerate negativity and self-destructive behavior in your life. You can do this. An amazing future awaits you. You have to make the personal decision to do so. Trust me. You can do it. I had to do so for myself. And I thank God I did. I believe in you.

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@Ever-Stone thank you and everything you’ve stated seems to be correct. It’s a journey and I am ready to take it on!