I have been feeling extreme loneliness and was restless for

I have been feeling extreme loneliness and was restless for the last two nights. I just want to lay down or stay in the shower all day to just cry. Cant find the energy to go to work.

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I am so sorry and empathize and sympathize wholly. Loneliness isn't easy to handle and anxiety makes it worse (at least in my experience). But I'm here for you to talk to if you ever need it

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@Awip feeling a bit better today probably bec I got distracted with work but still feels empty inside. Thankful for your response btw :slight_smile:

I'm sorry you're feeling this way. You're not alone in it I get it. Anxiety is completely debilitating and loneliness is a monster of its own. No matter how hard it gets just try to hold on❤

@Girl99 hi thank you. I know this stuff but i just need to hear and be reminded sometimes so THANK YOU. I hope you’re doing well.

I can totally relate. I've been so stressed about germs (I have OCD) that its been a struggle to even eat or drink let alone go to work. I recently got in trouble at work for missing too often but its so hard go to work when its a struggle to just exist.

@JellyfishLane hi, it must be hard, i hope you’re doing better. I work in the laboratory and sometimes I worry about the same thing but try to remember that not all bacteria are bad, we need some of them in order to survive. Take some time to read about them,it might help feel better. Best of luck and thank you for your response.

I understand how you feel-life can be overwhelming sometimes. I'm glad you have a job though, something to get you out of bed and going. Many people are suggesting hobbies-have you thought about taking up something new and different to get you excited about your life?

@justamomof2 i use to try new stuffs but recently lost the energy to do it, maybe i’m just just really having bad days. Posting here definitely help but sometimes i just cant find the words so i end up just scrolling. It was a relief to finally write something.