I have been going no contact for three weeks now and I miss

I have been going no contact for three weeks now and I miss her and I feel like I want to talk to her and I am really trying so hard not to . I keep listening n repeat that song she sang for me and I know it is getting more hurtful but I feel like this is the only thins that I have left from her and I still hope she comes and finds me . This is such an unpleasant situation.

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When you feel yourself close to breaking point I would suggest staying away replaying good memories over and over. Instead say out loud or write down the reasons why you had to leave her in the first place. Remind yourself why even though it hurts, YOU ARE ACTUALLY DOING BETTER NOW. It doesnt feel like it maybe, but you are healing. Switch the song off, find other songs...empowering songs about putting yourself first.

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@girraffegirl I so agree. And @Hopelessromantic94 remember these type of people are not here posting their hurts. They are not capable.

Hopelessromantic94 Remember if you are dealing with a Narcissist these things will not change. They simply do not operate the way we do. You have feelings, you have emotions. They are only interested in themselves. They do have feelings but are only interested in protecting them. Not sharing them. They are hurtful on so many levels and it really only does get worse. I am in this a very long time and I know.

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She will come back at certain point when she calculates your defense walls are down, be aware of that. Don´t molest yourself with those songs, you are pushing your brain in obsessive circles which she wants. Keep up your no contact and good luck!

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I agree with the suggestion to make a list about why you had to leave/or the things she did that hurt you. I do this when I start to feel really weak. I right the things he did that hurt me, the things he did that were abusive. And I read it until I start to get mad Instead of just sad. You have more than a song from her. You have memories and you have the way she twisted you up inside.

You are worthwhile. You don’t lose value as a human because you aren’t with her. Who you are isn’t wrapped up in your relationship. you deserve to be happy without her.

Turn off the song. I swapped mine for fight song by Rachel platten.

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