I have been going through a divorce over 2 years. I met some

I have been going through a divorce over 2 years. I met someone and he sold a car to my daughter. She didn’t keep up with payments and he is suing her. How would you feel about this?

I would be pissed at my daughter

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She’s 20 and lives with my **** husband. What can you do?

You don't have to do anything. I hope you aren't mad at your friend for suing.

My sister said i should never speak to him again because he’s suing her.

I don't know the nuances of the situation, but on face value I'd say it's a lesson for your daughter in being responsible for her financial obligations.

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Whole family dislikes him now. Such a mess.

@Hharl001 I guess I understand the “blood is thicker than water” thing. He is somewhat at fault for not anticipating the natural fallout and complications, but in a more concrete way, your daughter is at fault for being financially irresponsible. I think the thing to do is to ask him to drop the suit. The damage has been done but it only gets worse from here if it goes on. That means accepting that you will probably never get the car money or the car, and that your daughter gets off scot free for not adulting well, but is a few thousand dollars worth this amount of family drama?

It is to him. He won’t drop it.

I think it's weird he put you in this position. Your daughter may be in the wrong but does he expect you to side against your child? I think this might be a red flag for continuing the relationship.

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That’s what i feel in my heart. I would never do that to his son.

Well I think the resolution is clear. Break up with him. He'll probably continue with the lawsuit. Your daughter learns the consequences of not fulfilling contracts, he learns not to come between his girlfriend and her kids because he will lose. You alone will be without reproach.

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