I have been having a good week. Been feeling positive, actua

I have been having a good week. Been feeling positive, actually liking myself and feeling attractive, and being less afraid on the few trips I have made out of the house. Thought it would be nice to post something happy about me for a change! Hope everybody has a good day <3

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Wonderful to hear :) I had a very good night talking to people here on SG and stayed up all night. Just did some stuff around the house and just relaxing now :) Have you identified what made this week so great? Perhaps you can use it to have a great week next week as well :)

Thanks to you both! Not sure what's up with me, feeling this way is very unusual for me. I think its at least partially chemical but I did well on a test which boosted my self esteem a little. I also started journaling again. Last weekend I brought myself to throw the knife I used for self harm in the dumpster and that was a big victory for me. Hoping I can keep feeling this way for a while, it would be a welcome thing.

@FreyjaEricka HEY! Congratulations on getting rid of your blade! That IS a big step. Also, journalling is a great tool to identify patterns in your behaviour and thus get better at recognizing an incoming episode and try to steer clear of it. Nice job on that test by the way :slight_smile: It might be chemicals, or it might just be that things have been looking up for you lately. Use this in darker times to convince yourself that it does indeed get better, and that a blade isn’t the answer. Come here and rant if you must. I’ve congratulated you enough, but again, I’m happy to hear you had a good week :slight_smile:

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