I have been having a hard time managing my ADD symptoms late

I have been having a hard time managing my ADD symptoms lately. I am currently trying to get pregnant ad do not want to take any medications. I know that there maybe other things I could take but, I do not want to put any unwanted things in my body. I have tried organizing myself as well as studying for shorter periods of time. Does any one have any other ideas on what I could do?

How does your body react to coffee, or other caffeinated beverages? Would you be allowed to take a cup a day from your doctor if the stimulant aspect of it worked for you?

I do not like coffee at all and I have cut out sodas, unless I really really need a caffeine boost. I know there are other meds I could probably try but I do not feel comfortable putting unwanted things in my body right now. Maybe I am just being difficult

Try green tea

No, you're not being difficult. You're being a good mother. When you study, try reading out loud or pacing while you read. That always helped me. Also, you might want to double check this, but I don't think Strattera is a stimulant medication, so it might be safer (or safer) for you during pregnancy. Good luck!