I have been having Chronic, Daily Aura Migraines for almost

I have been having Chronic, Daily Aura Migraines for almost 2 years and have been on several seizure meds without success. I am currently taking 600mg Gabapentin at night and 200 in the morning. It was working until this week when it just stopped working. The doctor added the extra 200 in the morning but it just makes me sleep. My whole face feels numb and puffy and is so painful and the pain is also in my forehead. It feels like my nose is swollen and like I have a sinus infection but the doctor said it was migraine related pain. Excruciating pain.... Advice on medications? I don't know what to do. I can't function. I was also diagnosed with TMJ (Jaw disorder) that is also contributing. Thanks!

Sometimes it helps to video tape or take photos of your symptoms...this is what I find most helpful when I go to the doctor's...good luck...take care and I hope you find some relief.

Thanks for the advice!

@Tyke1980 Have you ever tried “RELPAX”? I have been through the gambit of migraine meds., they work for a while, and then just quit. (aarrgghhh!) Midrin used to work for me, but the doc says it’s not available any more. I have to take a relpax with a percocet chaser. It’s hell! I (too) am on gabapentin… just increased the dose on that. Are you on elavil?
The “TMJ” ~~ massage and heat helps that a lot!! Also, press your tongue to the front teeth, it keeps you from clenching. Hang in. I’m sending healthy, healing (no headache) hugs! :slight_smile:

@PeteS Thanks! I have changed my diet and it doesn’t help. I don’t eat cheese or drink alcohol so that isn’t a trigger. They said to have a double espresso? How does that work? What is Ergot? I suffer from bad panic attacks so the caffeine is something I avoid… Thanks!