I have been in the middle of a nightmare for 9 years. My dau

I have been in the middle of a nightmare for 9 years. My daughter who is now 22 has been an drug addict for half her life. It started with cigarettes at 12 years old and is now crack. She came from a great family of hard working loving , and caring people. Her father who did not have much to do with her upbringing was and still is an addict of all sorts of things...yesterday she asked for help in a real way ..as I did my best not to enable ..except for when she needed food and real life help...I always told her when she is ready for real help I would be there...my heart has taken a huge hit with the last 9 years of watching my beautiful daughter slowly kill herself...yesterday I took her to a treatment centre for girls..it's the best of the best and I should be relieved right?.... I am so scared ...so unsure of what to do now...how does one move on from addiction and finally breathe again?

It takes a lot of hard work, but she can do it, this will not be the first time at rehab, she will need support, therapy, meetings and love, she has the love covered. Hugs!

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@CKBlossom thank you …holding my breath right now but here’s hoping